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Forward is a mobile game designed to bolster participation in local democracy, right here in the Fox Cities.

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Forward helps raise awareness about organizations working on issues in these four categories:

Please note: we do not support issues that are highly religious in nature, although faith-based organizations that are advancing secular or interfaith issues are encouraged to contribute!

If your organization does work in the Fox Cities in these issue areas, fill out this to contribute to the game:


Please send an email with your questions!

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Locations (aka "Portals")

Locations are the places in your community where the game can be played. These include historical landmarks and museums, public spaces such as parks and libraries, participating businesses and restaurants, and more. Locations for the summer 2019 pilot game must be located in the Fox Cities. Our focus is on locations within 10 miles of downtown Appleton.

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Community Events

We are collecting a list of community events taking place during the game (July 4-August 5, 2019) in the Fox Cities that we may be able to highlight in the game (ex: farmers markets, festivals, fundraisers, etc). Add your community event here and we'll highlight it in the game.

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Many people today find civic engagement boring, but we think it can be creative, fun and playful. Tactics are step-by-step templates for playfully raising awareness about a cause. Many of ours are inspired by Beautiful Rising. Add your idea here!

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Campaigns are clearly defined outcomes desired to achieve change. Campaigns can exist at the institutional, municipal, county, or state level. For example, a municipal goal might be to pass a ban on styrofoam containers. Campaigns must advance one of the five issue categories in the game: Education & Opportunity, Health & Well-Being, Justice & Democracy, Healthy Environment, and Sustainable Communities.

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Missions are public opportunities to engage with or learn about issues and help achieve Campaigns goals. Located at Portals around the community, each Mission includes a Tactic with step-by-step instructions for completion and a Campaign that it's trying to support. For example, players might do chalk art at the library to raise awarness about a clean energy proposal.

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Prizes (aka "Bounties")

Raise awareness about your organization or local business and show support for a cause by adding a prize to the game! Prizes - which are called "Bounties" in the game - can be anything from a $5 gift card to a $250 arts grant. We'll work with you to set the rules for how your prize can be won by players.

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What is the future of Wisconsin?

The Game

Forward is a mobile game that invites players to collectively tell a story about the future by addressing the issues that impact our communities today.

Forward invites players create and complete creative Missions that spark public discussion and influence issues they care about at the local level. Every Mission changes the game's outcome: a vision for the community on the nation's 300th birthday, in the year 2076.

This project was designed by Neenah local and educational game designer Libby Falck as her Master's thesis project at MIT. After two years of development and more than 17 iterations, this summer's game will be the first beta test that is open to the public.

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The Forward Beta test launches July 2019 in Appleton, WI

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